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PIES [start at $22.00]

apple crumb




banana cream

chocolate cream

strawberry cream

cannoli cream

lemon meringue

TARTS [start at $22.00]


mixed fruit (strawberry, kiwi, raspberry, blueberry)



mixed berries

PASTRIES [start at $2.99]



lobster tail


brownies (plain, m&m, walnut, cheesecake)


lemon bar


strudel (cherry or apple)

pecan pie bar

rasberry tarts

Coffee/ Bunt Cakes [start at $2.99]

double chocolate

lemon iced


cinnamon walnut

jewish caramel apple


Italian butter cookies……..$10.99/lb


specialty cookies……………..$14.99/lb




FAX:(203) 438-0490

1. pick your size based on how many people are you serving

Round Cakes – (start at $26.00)

# of people size (inches)
6-8 7 (smallest)
10-12 8
12-15 9
16-20 10
24-28 11
28-34 12
38-44 14
55-65 16

Sheet Cakes – (start at $50.00)

# of people size (sheets)
20-25 1 / 4
40-45 1 / 2
70-75 3 / 4
95-100 full
By: September 7, 2017

Cakes [start at $26.00]

See back for design your own round or sheet cake options.

Walk in and pick up any of the following cakes! We have a limited number of each cake. There is no guarantee that we will have a specific cake if an order isn’t placed in advance. Please place your order at least 3 days in advance.


(chocolate cake with an oreo filling)


(mascarpone cheese filling with shaved chocolate with two layers golden cake soaked with espresso and Kalhua)

double temptation

(cream cheese cheese cake, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse) *house favorite

7 layer

(vanilla cake with chocolate cream filling and almond flavor coverd with chocolate icing)

lemon coconut

(vanilla cake, lemon filling, covered in butter cream and coconut flakes)


(both the cake and filling are chocolate and vanilla) contains a checkerboard pattern when cut into

chocolate fudge

(chocolate cake with a thick and rich chocolate fudge center)


(topped with cream cheese, chopped nuts and raisins)

strawberry shortcake

(yellow cake with a blend of whipped cream fresh strawberry slices, and strawberry jam filling and whipped cream topping)

black forest

(chocolate cake with a whipped cream and cherry filling)

red velvet

(with cream cheese icing)

German chocolate

(chocolate cake with chocolate and coconut filling)


(vanilla cake with caramel filling covered with whipped cream)

black velvet

(our regular chocolate cake)

chocolate whipped cream delight

(golden sponge cake, chocolate whipped cream filling with a hint of Grand Marnier liquor)

chocolate mousse

(devil’s food cake with chocolate mousse filling, covered with chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings)

chocolate lobster

(devil’s foodcake, lobster tail cream filling with chocolate chips)


(black velvet cake, chiffon filling with small bits of hazelnut)

strawberry or peach and Chantilly

(golden sponge cake with Chantilly cream filling, covered with strawberries in a strawberry sauce)

brown derby

(devil’s food cake, strawberry, banana, peach and whipped cream filling)

cannoli cream

(vanilla cake with a cannoli cream center and whipped cream topping)


(layers of puff pastry with a vanilla custard) *available only as a sheet cake

2. pick your cake

chocolate, vanilla, red velvet

3. pick your filling

chocolate cream or mousse or fudge or custard, vanilla custard, butter cream, lemon, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, raspberry Chambord, raspberry chiffon, blueberry jam, cannoli, Chantilly, banana cream, cannoli cream

(fresh fruits can be mixed with any these fillings)

4. pick your topping

whipped cream , butter cream, chocolate ganache, chocolate cream

Cakes5. pick your decoration

writing is available in every color.
hand crafted butter cream flowers.
pictures can be printed with edible ink.
please discuss with an employee about what you would like to see on your cake.
The possibilities are vast!

By: September 7, 2017